Saturday, January 29, 2011

M&M Birthday Party

If your kid's name starts with M, this is a great party idea.  Or, if they just like m&m candies.  And who doesn't??

This was an easy party.  We just put white "m" stickers on the goodie bags and filled them with M&M pencils, magnets, and of course the candy.  They each had a t-shirt in the bag that my sister made at the screen printer's where she worked, but you could probably get the same look with a Yudu machine. Super easy cupcakes had solid color icing with a white m.

This is the easy layout for my daughter's scrapbook.  I journaled inside one of the orange circle cards that we used for invitations.  The red circle and white 5 are Basic Grey chipboard.

This is the easiest journaling I have ever done.  I simply asked my daugher what she remembered about her party and wrote it down word for word including pronunciation (bery instead of very, merchine for machine).  I love how it turned out.  She remembered things that I was not even aware of and I love that it shows her sense of humor.

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