Thursday, April 28, 2011


Daniel asked me to come to "the shop" aka my "studio" when I got home from a friends shower (pics on that coming soon).  When I walked in I thought, "it's so cold in here."  Wait...IT'S COLD IN HERE!!! That means the air conditioning is hooked up!  Yay! One step closer to being finished so I can win the EPIC Giveaway at Vintage REvivals.  If you haven't "met" Mandi, she loves your guts, so you should visit her sometimes.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Epic Room Giveaway

One of my favorite bloggers is doing a room giveaway so I thought it might be fun to enter since I sort of have a room.

I mean, it has walls and doors and windows so it counts as a room, right?  So what if it doesn't have sheetrock.  It will, soon.

This is a bookcase I bought to put in my new room.  (I think I can call it a studio, since I was calling it a scrapbook room and I do other things besides scrapbook.)  I have already taken the weird paneling off the back since it was ugly and had a big hole in it.  It will definitely be refinished, I just don't know what color yet.  Obviously, when I win this contest, the designer will choose the perfect finish for it.
These are the chairs that go with the table that we bought from a neighbor.  (The table is buried under my husband's tools.  He decided it would make a good workbench until my studio is finished.  At least he covered it with an old sheet, right?)
If this doesn't work cause the walls can't be painted yet, I guess I will just do the guest room.  I hope I win the room design giveaway by Mandi at Vintage Revivals!  Wish me luck!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Goodwill pewter

Remember these?

I promised there was more to come.  In an earlier post, I turned the candlesticks into Easter apothecary jars.  You can see those here. (They are REALLY cute!  But technically not apothecary, I think, because they do not have lids, but whatever.)  Here is what I did with those Royal Holland pewter cordial cups.

The picture is not great, even though I broke a lamp trying to get the lighting right.  Yeah-the lamp that matches the other one in my living room.  The lamp I searched for years to find because I refused to spend $80.  Really. That lamp.  Anything for a blog post. 
But anyway, on to the details.  I just cut thin strips of vintage dictionary paper and crinkled it sort of like a nest and stuck a broken egg candle in it.  I already had the egg candle.  I think my mom got them from Dollar Tree years ago, but any (fake) egg would work.  I do not recommend leaving a real egg on your mantle for the entire Easter season. (I also do not recommend using your treasured lamp for photo shoots.  Use the gynecologist lamp your husband bought at a garage sale instead.  Even if it is heavy.  And brings up not so fun images.)

Friday, April 15, 2011

April Coaster

Me: Lil' Toot, it's time for you to go take a bath.
Her:  Noooooooo!
Me:  Yes-you don't want to be the stinky kid at school.  Everyone will laugh at you.
Her:  Nuh-uh! Eronius (name changed to protect identity) stinks and I don't laugh at her!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flower Headpiece

Me:  Mallory let's practice your spelling words.  What's one of the words?

Mallory:  Contrasity

Me:  Contrasity?  What's contrasity?

Mallory:  MOMMA! You teach FIFTH Grade!!! You know-like two petes can fit in a quart.  How much something holds.  Its actually a pint.  Not a peent.

Me: What's the big "C" word again?

Mallory: Contrasity. It actually starts with an "A".

Me: You sure its not capacity?

Mallory: OHH! It's compacity.

(The headpiece was inspired by Miss Ruby Sue on  Check her out-she's awesome! I made a wired ribbon flower and two fabric flowers to make this one.)

New edition:  You can't see much of it, but I worked just as hard on the "backdrop" of this picture, as I did on the headpiece.  It is an old bed (and some flower pillows) that has been in my attic for as long as I have had an attic.  Not even sure why I had it.  Wish I had taken a before pic, but I am sure you can imagine the yellowish white that happens to things that have been in an attic for years.

And here it is now.  In case you like this color as much as I do, it is called Grand Day Green from the Disney collection from Behr paint at Lowe's or Home Depot-I can't remember which.  (And no, it is not more expensive just because it says Disney on it.  I know-shocker!)

I am linking up to the party at Miss Mustard Seed!  Check her out!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter Apothecary

Do you see what I see???

I found all of this in one trip to Goodwill-3 ugly candlesticks, 2 real pewter cordial cups, and a milk glass vase. (Plus one 50 year old Standard rubber stamp holder with no rust!-not pictured) Score! That ugly orangish brown candlestick is like plastic.  The other two are ceramic.  Look what I made with them:

Recognize those candlesticks?  No?  That's cause I spraypainted 'em.  Just a little trick I learned from my blog buddies: here.  I guess it is hard to tell from the pictures, but there are glass hurricanes on top of the candlesticks.  Inside are cards that spell out "HOP" (only three-letter Easter word I could think of-not cause I love the movie-haven't even seen it) and some crinkled up vintage dictionary paper. 
More to come...

**editor's note (he-he that's me!):  Sorry-you caught me-I forgot to say the letters were not stickers.  At least not until I ran them through my Xyron sticker maker.  I cut them out with my Making Memories Slice machine.  The cardstock is also Making Memories-Passport collection (it is printed with postcards, but I liked the color scheme for Easter.)  I already had the little feather boa.  I think it came from Dollar Tree.