Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Gift Ideas

IWith Spring in the air, so are the things that make me sneeze and my eyes itch, and my nose itch. A LOT. So I was scratching my nose like crazy and my daughter says, "at least you don't have Bill Cosby's nose." 

Well, yes. That is true. For a variety of reasons.

I feel much better now that I bought myself one of these little bunny cake stands. Actually, that would be a really small cake. So what are these, cupcake stands? Candle stands? Should it have one of those glass cloche thingys on top? I don't know or care. I like them and I thought my family might also, so I bought several.

Several of my relatives use lots of sticky notes in their line of work, so I thought these from J Crew were perfect. I love to use butterflies as tags for Easter gifts and I got these cute little sticky flowers from Target Dollar Spot.

If you are on Instagram, you may have run into some planner addicts. I'm thinking they would love this Easter stationery set with Target Dollar Spot items. This is listed in my Etsy Shop, SissyBoomsPartyRoom.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Changing Table Repurpose

When my daughter was a baby, we repainted this changing table. The finish was still fine. Until we moved. 

It's my fault. I've never used a moving company to move before. I assumed people would do things like I would. 

Which means not turn boxes upside down when you pick them up. So that chemicals leak and ruin paint jobs. Note to self: if you ever move again just throw chemicals away! Oh and make sure your husband gets renter's insurance so that when the enormous AC directly over your storage unit leaks, you're covered. 

We took out one drawer and made a shelf for my paper scraps basket and painted the other drawers pink to match the legs on my work table. 

Ahhhh, so much better. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Easter Memory Banner

I dug out old photos from Easters past to make this memory banner. 

It's simple but I love how it turned out and I know everyone will love looking at all of the old photos. 

Easter Gift Ideas

Show some love with these fun stationery sets.

Your neighbor or a teacher would love one!

Who doesn't love pastel Hunter Wellies? If you can't give the real thing, give a rain boot paper clip.

Or a cottontail bunny paper clip.

Your Easter brunch hostess would love one. I promise. Or planner addict.

These are filled with all sorts of Easter goodness and are listed in my etsy shop. SissyBoomsPartyRoom

Favorite Springtime Fonts

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite fonts for Spring.

Spring Bunny
Go to:
Eggs and Easter Basket
Go to:


Friday, March 6, 2015

Blue Chair

I have an office now, so I needed an office chair. Of course, I cannot find one that I like because I am picky. I don't want it to look like an office chair, but I want it to be comfortable.

I have these chairs that my MIL found. You might remember one from my Halloween decor.

Free chair + fabric remnant + gallon of $5 oops paint = blue office chair. For now.

 (I found invisible fabric at Hobby Lobby. Just kidding.)

It works. It goes with the rug. We'll see what happens. It will probably end up in my craft room.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Couple's Shower

We used lanterns, Ball jars with hydrangeas, tree trunk "plates", and votive holders to decorate for this couple's shower.

Simple, but elegant.

Gourmet cupcakes for dessert.

In yummy flavors like Almond Joy and S'mores.


                                      We displayed them in an antique armoire,

The bride's brother handcrafted the drinks bar.

I happen to love it.