Thursday, September 25, 2014

Outdoor Halloween Decor

Have you decorated for Halloween yet?

I saw a post here about a chair decorated for Halloween and remembered that a) I have a chair and b) I like Halloween. It's kismet.

Several chairs are living in my attic and garage right now, actually. And they are already black which is a good start for Halloween. My original plan was to build a new bench to go in my entry alcove, but that didn't happen, which is OK because now I have a Halloween chair! The seat was recovered in a nicer fabric that happened to be in my mom's leftovers stash and a sharpie took care of a few scratches in the paint.

Before, the chair had previously been reupholstered in thin fabric not good for seat cushions. The original fabric hiding under that was a yellow damask that was even uglier if that is possible.

For now, it lives in my entryway and I love it! Not bad for a free chair from my mother-in-law and free fabric from my mom. Another got refashioned for my office, but you will have to keep coming back to see it.

What says Fall better than burlap? And pine cones?  The burlap is leftover from a wedding I helped plan which you can see here. I bought the letters that spell "EEK" from the craft store and stenciled them at the Birthday Craft Party I threw for a friend and thought they might be cute layered in my metal basket.

The door arrangements my sister Jordan made got a little update as well.

I added fall leaves and bats from Dollar Tree to make them more coordinated with the rest of the Halloween vignette. Let's see if she approves of the change to her design. I originally planned to make coffee filter wreaths.

Got about halfway finished and decided this was much too springy because I used white filters instead of natural. I thought I could spritz it with Glimmer Mist, but I didn't have anymore brown and I needed two because I have two doors now and I would not have nearly enough time or filters. SO. Not sure what I will do with this now.

Walking up to the front door, you pass by the cemetery sign. Maybe I should get some fake gravestones, but for now, I like it just like this. But I can't promise that I won't keep moving the other stuff around.

Stick around to see my indoor decor!

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  1. Oh, I love the cemetery sign!! Perfect. It is all in the details. Love your stuff!!


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