Monday, August 29, 2011

The Mirror

One project down, 2800 to go.  Remember this mirror from my to-do list?

This is the mirror I found at my neighbor's garage sale for five dollars.  It's even beveled.

I finally finished painting the mirror for the bathroom in my studio.  Well, actually Jordan painted it.

I chose this color because I wanted to bring in a touch of the blue from the chandelier.  You can see it here.  Also, because I found a gallon of OOPs paint for five dollars at Home Depot.  Anybody need some blue paint??  I still have pretty much a whole gallon left.

Then, we decided to use a "dry brush" to white-wash it.
My husband says it looks "like something from Greece."  What does he know?  I am calling it Italian, cause the chandy is Italian. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Made by Jorten

I love it when I find a DIY project that uses sCRAPs that I already happen to have in my possession.

Jordan came for a visit and was dying to try out my new can of light brown Briwax that I bought from Vintage Antiques in Scott, Louisiana.  I told her she could grab a piece of leftover base molding from my new studio.  It eventually evolved into this coat hanger when we decided that the knobs I had just removed from the hutch would be perfect for it.  (The hutch looks totally different with new glass knobs, even though I will have to paint it to hide the extra holes.) I like the wax.  She said it was easy to use.  The smell did give me a headache, though.  Wasn't expecting the strong fumes.  But, I can't wait to try it on something bigger. 
Now if I could just find a wall to hang this on.  Think this would work in the bathroom instead of a towel bar?

(P.S. Jorten is how I pronounce her name when I feel like irritating her.  Which is preeeetty often.)

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Monday, August 15, 2011

To-Do List

Sorry I have been MIA for awhile.  You can pretty much expect this every year at this time.  Because I am a teacher and it is BACK TO SCHOOL time if you haven't noticed all the school supplies available for you to purchase in stores.  (Although I did notice that Hobby Lobby got a jump on CHRISTMAS ALREADY  for Pete's sake.  I meany really, who buys wrapping paper in August.) 

So here are a few projects I have been working on.  Or at least thinking about starting on.

Not sure how I want to paint this FREE hutch that I recently acquired from my neighbor.  The knobs will have to be changed.  I already bought pink crystal knobs, but I was sort of thinking of trying out Antibes Green Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan. 

This is the mirror for the bathroom sink in my new studio.  It will probably be painted the same blue as on the chandelier since I got a gallon of OOPS paint for five bucks. 

My grandpa got a new table so I got this one.  I am almost certain this was the table we had when I was little.  My parents must have swapped out a long time ago and I never really noticed that we got a much bigger table and large hutch.  Huh.  I may leave this one alone for awhile. 

Beadboard Message Boards

Have you seen these monsters in the Ballard Design catalogs?  Love them.  But not the price.  The big one (the one I would want) is $400.  So when I saw this at Goodwill I pushed and shoved it in my car.

It has plexiglass inside.  Must have been used to frame a poster.  I am going to paint right on the plexi glass with chalkboard paint and make a ginormous chalkboard. 

Here it is with a bucket (not a miniature bucket) so that you get an idea of how large this thing is. There was an even bigger one, but I did not think it would fit and I was right.  I could barely get this one in without whopping my kid's head off.
 I may even leave the frame gold.  I LOVE this thing!!  And the best part is it was only fourteen buckeroos!!!