Thursday, August 25, 2011

Made by Jorten

I love it when I find a DIY project that uses sCRAPs that I already happen to have in my possession.

Jordan came for a visit and was dying to try out my new can of light brown Briwax that I bought from Vintage Antiques in Scott, Louisiana.  I told her she could grab a piece of leftover base molding from my new studio.  It eventually evolved into this coat hanger when we decided that the knobs I had just removed from the hutch would be perfect for it.  (The hutch looks totally different with new glass knobs, even though I will have to paint it to hide the extra holes.) I like the wax.  She said it was easy to use.  The smell did give me a headache, though.  Wasn't expecting the strong fumes.  But, I can't wait to try it on something bigger. 
Now if I could just find a wall to hang this on.  Think this would work in the bathroom instead of a towel bar?

(P.S. Jorten is how I pronounce her name when I feel like irritating her.  Which is preeeetty often.)

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  1. I LOVE ideas that can be made from things I have lying around. And your project is a perfect example. It's so pretty!

    Thank you so much for joining my Summer Loving link party!


  2. Hey hey hey. No internet irritation jamesthon! ( that's Jameson with a lisp)


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