Saturday, March 5, 2011

Diaper Cradle and Cake

My mom and sister made these for a friend's baby shower.  The one on the left is a diaper cradle and the one on the right is a cake.  These make cute and useful shower decorations.  Or just a cute way to wrap a practical gift.

How to make a diaper cradle:
I am re-posting this because so many have asked how to make the diaper cradle.  Stand up three rows of diapers and secure  with string or yarn.  Then wrap the pretty material around it and hot glue it. Roll up diapers and put it towards the back where the head part or canopy would be. Open another diaper up and put it on top of the rolled up ones.  Wrap pretty material around that part.  For the skirt, take the material and put a needle in and out and in and out and then pull it tight and  make it ruffle up.  Then  tie it around the bottom and cover the seam with a ribbon and hot glue it. The purpose of the diaper arrangements is to be able to use the arrangements so we tried not to ruin the diapers themselves and get multiple sizes for the different pieces. Wrap the ribbon from Michael's and put the bows somewhere pretty.

Hope this helps! I would love to hear from you if you tried it out!

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  1. The cradle diaper cake is just completely adorable!


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