Saturday, March 12, 2011

Polka Dot Birthday Party

Inspiration always comes from something.  I found these invitations on clearance and bought them with no idea what I was going to do with them.  Love the long green envelopes.  Love the color scheme.  I went with it.  I've said this before-once my mind settles on an idea everything seems to show up in stores.  

I found these little felt Easter baskets at Target that were perfect. The invitations were from Target, also, but they were at least a year earlier. (Yes, I had the invitations for over a year. Like I said, they were on clearance.)

Then, my mom used her Cricut machine to make flowers with scrapbook paper that I already had and glued them to bamboo skewers. I believe we put crinkle shredded paper in the bottom of the basket.

I found these goodie bags at a teacher store, filled them with purple tissue and of course, tied a cute ribbon.  We used the Cricut again to make the monogram letters.  To make them stickers, we ran them through the Xyron sticker maker.  I love this idea for personalizing your child's birthday.

The piece de resistence!  The cake! This was the cutest cake ever!  Three tiers of cuteness!  And this wasn't the hardest to decorate because it was buttercream icing-not fondant which is hard to work with.  I bought a styrofoam M for the topper and stuck brads in it to look like polka dots.
We made the birthday banner with scrapbook paper, vellum, and the Cricut to cut the letters.  (Wish I had close-up pics, but this was before the DSLR camera.)

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  1. so cute! love the color scheme and her little outfit. what a cutie. thanks for checking out my drop cloth curtains!


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