Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top O' the morning to ya!

 Around here, St. Patrick's Day means Crazy Hat Day at school.  A trip to Dollar Tree resulted in this creation.  Paper napkin flower with a shamrock in the middle.  Learned how to make these here.  Can't really tell it's a shamrock?  Well, that's because I glued it on the way out the door this morning with the hot glue gun that was left on all night.  Yep, all night.  Bad thing is, it's not the first time that I was just waiting on it to heat up and forgot about it.  (This is part of why I don't enjoy cooking, btw.  I tend to forget about hot things while they are getting hot.) Last time sparks were involved.  
This is probably why I am walking around with naturally frizzy hair lately.  I abused my flat iron one too many times. Good thing the world needs perfectly imperfect parents!


  1. Fun for her! She looks like she likes it too cute!

  2. thats one CRAZY hat


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