Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vintage Italian Chandelier

OK, you know I don't ask for much, but I really need you to go vote for me at Vintage Revivals. I have entered a room makeover contest and I promise to bug you until you vote for me cause I am driving myself (and everyone else) crazy trying to decide how to design this room.  I am number 53 "Brand Spanking New Studio". 
I found this vintage Italian porcelain chandelier at a garage sale this weekend.  (Daniel is hounding me about picking out lighting for "the shop".)  I just about fell out on the ground when the lady selling it told me it was five dollars.  She went on to say "I don't know if it matters, but it was made in Italy."  I thought, had me at 5 bucks!

The problem is I have no idea how to work this into my room, especially since I am not the biggest fan of blue.  My intention was to find a cheap chandelier that could be spray painted and I wouldn't feel bad about it.  But, I think I might feel bad about painting this one. 
So, now you see why I need the help of Mandi Who Loves Our Guts.  She, if anyone, could find a way to make this work.  So thanks in advance for your vote.  Cause you know I would totally vote for you. 


  1. Hi Jamie! Thanks for visiting me over at Pieces of Life. This chandy is an awesome find!!!! Whoa! Say, how'd you do on the voting??
    Looking forward to seeing more pics of your new studio. (jealous!)

  2. Thanks. I didn't look at how many votes I had cause I didn't want to know if I was really close. Don't be too jealous-my house is teeeeny tiny so now I have a big metal building taking over my backyard!

  3. Just saw this linked up to the lamp week at VR...Thought it was a lightsaber lamp from the pictures...that would be cool!
    Anyways, great'll find something amazing to do with it! :)

  4. Please don't paint it! I LOVE IT!!!! How fun! What a deal....on my way to vote for you! Love, Me


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