Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Rest of the Wedding Story

Sparkly chandeliers with antique armchairs and burlap make me want to describe this wedding as 
Rustic Vintage Luxe.

The bride and groom's table was set with lots of flowers. Two antique chairs were used as seating with wooden plaque signs for Mr. and Mrs.

Jackie's awesome table arrangements. I loved the droopy greenery and wildflower sort of look to them. Because we could not find anything but silver or gold, we spraypainted candelabras oil rubbed bronze.

Guest tables were draped in burlap with moss runners. We continued the vintage look with old Ball jars and glass baby food jars as vases.

 The wedding cake was displayed on my great-grandmother's old table with mason jars. The bridesmaid's put their bouquets in the jars when it was time for pictures. We made a wall with old pallet wood to hang the chalkboard on and spray painted a chandelier that I got for $12, yes $12, from a consignment sale. It was a bright gold color that is not fashionable so Jena ripped out the light bulb sockets and we stuck candles in it.

Fleur-de-lis groom's cake was displayed on a burlap skirted table decorated with enormous fishing lures and ducks. We used a lot of burlap, ya'll.

Every groom should have a cigar bar at his wedding. With a chalkboard to point the way.

At a rustic wedding, you need old doors laid across old wine barrels to display the buffet. What's behind the white curtain? Well, it ain't Oz. That is how we hid the kitchen.

Strings of lights were hung on sheperd's poles (potted plant hangers?) to light the way from the church to the pavilion.

View from afar of the reception pavilion. I love the huge burlap curtains, lights draped from the ceiling, and moss covered monogram.

I loved, loved, loved this drinks table. What could be more fitting at a rustic wedding than extra large mason jar punch, water, lemonade, and tea dispensers? With burlap skirting on the bar, of course. 

The wedding took place at Acadian Village, so chalkboard arrows directed guests to the chapel. Instead of the school. Or stables.

Pew decorations were simple greenery tied with-you guessed it-burlap.

You can see more details from this wedding here.

A great time was had by all! Maybe we'll invite you to the next one!

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