Friday, April 22, 2011

Goodwill pewter

Remember these?

I promised there was more to come.  In an earlier post, I turned the candlesticks into Easter apothecary jars.  You can see those here. (They are REALLY cute!  But technically not apothecary, I think, because they do not have lids, but whatever.)  Here is what I did with those Royal Holland pewter cordial cups.

The picture is not great, even though I broke a lamp trying to get the lighting right.  Yeah-the lamp that matches the other one in my living room.  The lamp I searched for years to find because I refused to spend $80.  Really. That lamp.  Anything for a blog post. 
But anyway, on to the details.  I just cut thin strips of vintage dictionary paper and crinkled it sort of like a nest and stuck a broken egg candle in it.  I already had the egg candle.  I think my mom got them from Dollar Tree years ago, but any (fake) egg would work.  I do not recommend leaving a real egg on your mantle for the entire Easter season. (I also do not recommend using your treasured lamp for photo shoots.  Use the gynecologist lamp your husband bought at a garage sale instead.  Even if it is heavy.  And brings up not so fun images.)

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