Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's lollies

Make a lolly for someone you love. Mallory and I made these for others, but some saw them because I couldn't hide them, they are too cute! They are much easier to make than they look.
I used old dictionary paper to make this one.

I like to use things I already have.  This one was made with a scrap of shiny pink Christmas wrapping paper.  The chipboard quote is from a Cosmo Cricket kit.  This ribbon I just happened to have a ton of and it works perfectly.  It is simply glued onto a bamboo skewer (for shish-ka-bobs.)  Glittery pink or red pencils work well, too.  There is a great video tutorial by the fabulous Rhonna Farrer here if you want to make one (or ten like I did).


  1. The dictionary page thing is kind of cool... I dig that you use that a lot... it's very teacher of you!!


  2. I Like the different layers you used to make these. So many options! Great gifts for teachers, grandparents, aunts, anyone.


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