Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mini Flags

You know I love anything miniature.  And anything that I can make using stuff I already own.  I did not buy anything to make this little project.  But, it is so small, really it didn't take much stuff.

My mom gave me a container of random little wooden pieces a long time ago.  My daughter loves to paint them.  This little spool was in there.  I had the paper scraps from a banner I made last year.  They are from the Martha Stewart Halloween collection.  The white tiny alphas are Making Memories and leftover from my Disney album.  The pearls were purchased to use in my sister's wedding album, which is on my table being finished right now.  Shhhhh!  Coming soon!  and you won't want to miss it! 
The baker's twine can be found at the cutest little scrapbook store ever in Scott, Louisiana called Create 365.  The best part was I only had to buy a tiny bit of each color instead of an enormous spool that I will never finish. The yellow mini alphas were purchased there as well for only one dollar!  Visit the store or visit them on Facebook. 
 I know those look like toothpicks, but they are called craft picks and I have no idea what their purpose is, but they were perfect for this.  I have a sneaking suspicion they are circa 1982.  Good thing my mom keeps everything.

This tiny project was inspired by Janet Hopkins and hers is much better so check it out here.

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