Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Wreath

Little Girl:  "Maybe Nanny will open the owl propellet with me. Since you  never want to."

(She means pellet.  I think she is confused with propeller, which she may have heard her Papaw say since he has airplanes.)
That's right.  This is the girl who would rather dissect the bones from owl regurgitation than play with Barbies.  Kinda makes it hard on Santa.

Now that I look at the picture of the wreath I made, it looks a little wonky.  May  need some adjustment.  I actually made the wreath last year, but it just got an update and I must say I like it MUCH better.  No before pic, sorry.  Instead of a colorful ornament in the center, it had a white snowflake.  Sorta blah.  And not as coordinated with my Christmas color scheme.  Now it is perfect.  And the best part about the upgrade?  The enormous ornament (which is covered in a metallic foil stuff which did not photograph well) was only $1!!!  It was half off and I had a coupon.  Awe-some!
These are suprisingly easy to make.  Go to Dollar Tree and get the wire wreath for $1.  Get some of that mesh stuff.  I think they sell it at Hobby Lobby now.  I got mine and the purple tubular stuff at a local store called Ellis Pottery, but you could use ribbon or something similar.  Attach it to the wreath using wire.  Attach the ornament in the middle.  Done.  And I have seen people charge up to $70 for these! I would love to see yours!

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