Saturday, December 3, 2011

Elf On the Shelf

If your kid is like mine, she LOVES pillow pets.  Can't get enough.  Personally, I don't see the fascination.  Last year, the gift that she was most excited about was a lady bug pillow pet.  In fact, she was more excited about that than any gift she has ever gotten.  So at Target last night, she coerced me into buying this miniature keychain pillow pet to match the bigger one. 

Now, normally I am not persuaded to buy toys right before Christmas.  But she was very persuasive.  So it came home with us.  And look where we found it this morning.  Our mischievous little elf likes pillow pets, too.  And this one is the perfect size for him.  Little Girl was tickled to find Sparky resting on her lady bug under the tree. 

What was your Elf on the Shelf up to last night?
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