Friday, May 13, 2011

Handmade Butterfly Invitations

Coming soon-Butterfly Party.  The invitations have gone out, so I can show you these!

These had to be hand-delivered, but most of our guests are neighbors.  I simply left off the stick for the ones that had to be mailed.  Inside the brown cardstock cocoon, is the butterfly invitation.

The party information was printed on labels stuck to the back of the butterfly.  My soon-to-be seven year old traced a butterfly pattern and cut these out herself. The pattern was a page from a chipboard mini album that we got at Michael's from the dollar section. She also picked out the different patterned papers.  The butterfly was rolled up onto a pencil.  Then we pulled out the pencil and rolled the brown cardstock paper around the butterfly roll.  We glued the edge closed with glue dots and glued it to the stick with glue dots.  I am sure hot glue would work as well.

I sprayed the cardstock before rolling with several different colors of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.  I liked the way silver looked the best.  It made this look more like a cocoon and less like you know what.  (If you don't know what, my kid will tell you a "t*rd."  Just ignore her.  Please don't encourage that type of language by laughing.)
These are my favorite invitations yet. I totally had fun with this one and I like that my daughter got to help make them this year. 

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