Monday, September 26, 2011

Ballard Knockoff Chalkboard

              The enormous chalkboard is finally finished!  I even hung it on the wall.  Well, not really me.  My husband hung it.  Not because I couldn't, but because he does not trust me to keep the walls of my new studio intact, evidently. 

I am very good at keeping things intact, actually.  But, I let him win this one.  Plus, I don't really enjoy the hanging of items.
I painted right on the plexiglass with Rustoleum chalkboard paint.  It took three, maybe four coats.  I lost count.  I used green Frog Tape to tape off the frame and it worked GREAT.  Love that stuff.

My plan was to write some really trendy quote that maybe I found on Pinterest on the board.  (Maybe then I would fit in with the cool kids.)  But, then my handwriting looked all crooked and I got tired of erasing.  Nobody really talks about how not fun that part is.  Maybe it's cause I have antique chalk.  I don't know, but the words do not want to come off.  And dealing with all of the chalkdust.  Not fun, either.  But it looks really good, right?  Hard to tell, but just trust me.  Or, maybe I should paint the frame...

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  1. That looks great! I haven't started using chalk paint for fear that I may never stop, but you may have inspired me. Now to find the right sized picture frame.


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