Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BOO your neighbors!

At the school where I work, its sort of a tradition to "BOO" each other.  I know lots of people who do this in their neighborhood during the Halloween season.

You sneak and secretly put a treat on someone's door.

The treat doesn't have to be in a cone, of course.  But I saw these
here and thought they were cute.  She's even got a cute free printable on her website.

So I decided to make my own to put treats inside.  I tried to find things that were Halloween themed or at least Halloween colors.  Since I work in a school, I put colored pens and post-its in there along with the candy corn scented car freshener from Yankee Candle (got that at Cracker Barrel-one of my favorite places for gifts.)

You also put a BOO! sign on their door, so that others know that they have already gotten treats and don't BOO! them again.  I used my Cricut machine to cut the letters out of guess what?  Shelf liner!  I found it at Michael's for $1 a roll (maybe even 50 cents).  I thought the lime green was cute on spider web scrapbook paper (that I snatched from my daughter's stash.)

There is a piece of polka-dot paper rolled up in there and tied with baker's twine.  That is the poem that tells your recipient about this tradition and directions for what to do next.  (Like choose two people to BOO! within 24 hours.)

Get to know your neighbors (or coworkers) with this fun Halloween tradition!

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  1. I love this! It's adorable! I am definitely going to have to start making this a tradition for Halloween! I love how it's like a stocking stuffer but for Halloween! Thank you for sharing. So happy I found your blog and joined! Thank you for the comment on my Palmiers. If you haven't already please join. Thank You!

    Have A Happy Halloween!


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