Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yoda Pumpkin

Does your school or community host a Pumpkin Light Night? or Pumpkin Shine? All of the classes and individual students decorate pumpkins and line the track around campus. The kids get another chance to wear those expensive Halloween costumes and jump in the bounce houses and eat junk food.

I am always amazed at the creativity that comes out that night. Folks go all out.

Pumpkin Light Night theme for my daughter's class is Yoda this year.  Not Star Wars. Just Yoda. Here is our version. We even added foam ears and white feathers from a boa, all from Dollar Tree.  Gotta love Dollar Tree.
The key to painting faces is not to use black paint for the outlines. A better choice is a darker hue of the face color. I ran out of the green paint, so I ended up using a light brown color, which still works better than black. Black is too harsh and unnatural.

P.S. One tip for decorating pumpkins:  Wash the pumpkin first to remove the waxy coating.  The paint sticks much better. And use krazy glue, not hot glue. 
OK, that was more than one tip.  It's your lucky day.


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