Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Halloween Skull Centerpiece

Remember those Dollar Tree Halloween Finds I showed you last week? Here is the first project I made using the glitter skull. is having a Fall Dollar Store Craft Contest and I decided to try my hand at it.

So I made another trip to the Dollar Tree.

Can you believe all of these items were close to a dollar each? 

The items you will need are:

Glitter Skull-Dollar Tree
Craft Foam Sheets-Dollar Tree
Copper Scrubbers-Dollar Tree or Fred's Dollar Store
Black Crepe Paper Streamers-Dollar Tree or Fred's Dollar Store
Orange Cupcake Liners- Fred's Dollar Store
Dictionary or book-Dollar Tree or Fred's Dollar Store
Paper Doilies-Dollar Tree
Black Glitter Ribbon-Michael's dollar ribbon bins
Spider Web Place Mat- Ross for $1.99 (They have great decor right now!)
Candlestick-Goodwill for $1 (I looked for them at three dollar stores and they were all out. Dollar Tree normally has glass ones that would work as a pedestal for this. I spray painted this one. You can see it in its former life here.)

I started by making the top hat using a sheet of orange craft foam. I didn't have any black because I used it all on a different project. I cut a strip 2 inches wide.

Next, I traced a circle onto the craft foam with a ribbon spool and cut it out. This will be the base of the top hat.

Then, I rolled the strip of craft foam into a 1 1/4 cylinder and glued it closed. Let that dry and glue the cylinder onto the base circle. Cut a circle to fit the top of the cylinder. I used a 1 1/4 inch circle punch but, you could use something to trace if you don't have a punch.

Glue the top circle onto the hat and trim with ribbon. Set aside to dry.

While the hat is drying, work on the other trimmings. Cut a circle from scrap cardstock, poster, or cardboard. It doesn't have to be black because it won't show. It just needs to be a good bit smaller than your doily. This is just a base to glue down your black crepe paper ruffle.

Ring the edge of your cardstock circle with glue and smoosh crepe paper making sure it is slightly smaller than the doily but bigger than the bottom of the skull so all the layers will show.

Rip a few pages out of the dictionary and make a lolly. 

I would tell you how, but Rhonna Farrer does an awesome job on her video which you can find here.

Unroll the copper scrubber and cut it down the center. I used my Tonic scissors, but you can probably use old scissors or wire cutters if you don't have them.

Wear work gloves to pull the copper apart then smash it back together until your "nest" is the size you want it based on your candlestick. This is metal and will cut your hands when you pull, so wear gloves, be careful, and take your time. I LOVE the shimmery effect! It's worth the effort.

The last step is to hot glue each layer down. I didn't glue down my copper because I use the candlestick for my apothecary

I love the finished Halloween centerpiece for your table or fireplace mantel.


I made a slightly more expensive version with lace trim on the top hat and spider web wired ribbon. I love both!

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  1. Wow! You really transformed your items. Love it. Thanks for linking up your craft to the Fall Dollar Store Craft Contest. Hope you can finish your other crafts before the contest end :-)

  2. Thanks! This was really fun! Thank you for hosting the contest!!

  3. Hi Jamie. Thanks for entering the contest. Voting is now open and you can choose two of your favorite link ups. Visit my blog and click on the dollar store contest button in the sidebar to take you to the linkup to vote.

  4. wow this halloweenn skull centerpiece is awesome! it would have never occurred to me to use a copper scrubby! I love the look of it for sure :)

    1. Thank you so much! I went to the store looking for paper crinkle stuffing for gift baskets and when they didn't have a color that would work, I had to figure out a Plan B which ended up being copper scrubbers.

  5. Thank you! It was fun to make!


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