Thursday, October 9, 2014

Skull and Crossbones String Art

                     I really wish I could say this was all my idea, but of course it isn't. 


                  I'm sure you've seen string art all over Pinterest, but not this cute, right? 


I LOVE it! It was pretty easy, but it sure did take a long time to create. The best part? It cost six bucks!! I know, right?! String $3. Nails $3. The wood came from the construction site across the street. (The builder said I could have scraps.) I already had paint because my husband came home with a whole gallon of orange paint because "it was only $7." Now I know what to do with it. 

In case you haven't seen a tutorial, here is what I did to create this bad boy. First, I  searched skull and crossbones, found one that I liked, and resized it (right click) by trial and error until it fit my board. I printed each piece on a separate page to get it bigger. 

Then, I painted orange and white stripes with Frog Tape. I had absolutely no idea what to do with a whole gallon of orange oops paint until I realized it is the perfect pumpkin orange. (Oops paint is the paint people have mixed at the store and then leave it because they don't like it or got satin when they wanted flat, etc. So they sell it really cheap. They have pretty decent colors sometimes. Maybe I shouldn't give that secret away.) 

Next, lay the picture where you want it and nail all around it with small nails. Make sure to put a nail anywhere the edge changes direction. 


That part takes awhile with a picture like this one. When you are done nailing, pull out the paper carefully. 


Now you are ready for string-the fun part!


Tie a knot around a nail and trim excess string. I went around my design first to define the edges then started zig zagging from nail to nail. The key is to keep your string taut! Seriously. Do not let go once you start. It doesn't end well. 

Totally worth the time and effort!

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