Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Canton Loot

I recently went with friends to the flea market in Canton, TX and came back with some pretty good loot.

The best score? An old sled. Because if you are from Louisiana, you just don't find sleds. It doesn't snow much here. But a lady from Connecticut had these and I'm excited to use this for my front door Christmas decor. 

My friend found this candle sconce and asked the booth owner how much it was and I thought he said $110 so obviously I said no thanks. Turns out, it was ten dollars. It's going in my craft room.

Love this guy. It's a snowflake made from a tin ceiling tile. Paid way too much for this one, though. I know because at a different store it was $10 cheaper. Doh! That is not a mistake I make very often.

Actually, this frame came from Goodwill, but I snuck it in here. This recently received a makeover, so stay tuned for that. *You can see that here.

This little brassy shelf is bent and rusty, but it was only $3 and a girl can never have enough shelves. Am I right? You know I am. I will probably spray paint it. Not sure what color.

I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with these metal basket tray thingys, but it's going to be awesome.

Brass is all the rage right now, so I couldn't leave this basket in the booth. Click here to see what I did with it.

Alas, this one really didn't come home with me. Pooh. And it wasn't even at Canton. It's in a local antique shop. And to be honest, I'm not positive it is even old. I'm suspicious. It may just look old. BUT, I love it!!! I love all the cubbies. I love the numbers. I love the chippy paint. And I really want to take this piece of furniture home. But it is pretty yellowy which is not the right color for my other stuff. But I am willing to change everything else.

Annnd these are the friends I rode with. Annnd we ran out of gas on the way. Yes we did. Coasted downhill, then walked uphill to the gas station, bought a gas can and left it there so we didn't all get high from the gas smell.

Note to self: Don't listen to the girl in the back who wants to wait for the good gas station with the Sonic inside so she can get fruit water. Just stop when the Empty light comes on. Definitely when the alarm goes off. 

I can't wait to go back to Canton! With gas.

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