Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Repurposed Hooks

I've had this kitchen utensil hanger for years. Like 14 years.

I've carried it from house to house every time I moved.

I use the spoons and fork. I've even used the whisk to make the expensive gluten free waffles that require whipped egg whites that my daughter wanted even though she can eat wheat because does not have celiac disease. I truly feel for people and the lengths they have to go to avoid gluten.

But, I have never used the hooks. I did not want to drill holes into any backsplash, so this never got hung. Until now. 

This is the mess we dealt with trying to find a belt. And in the morning rush, most of them got left on the floor.

I spray painted the hooks purple because I had purple paint. I know I could've dressed it up more with a cute plaque behind it or something, but it is in a smallish closet so I didn't want it to stick out too much from the wall.

 Now, with more hooks, it is much easier to find a belt in the morning. No more mess on the floor. Well, no more belts on the floor. We'll tackle shoes another day.

Headbands live on the flower hooks now. 

I knew I kept this hook thingy all these years for a reason!

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