Friday, May 27, 2011

Butterfly Dessert Table

Still more to come, but here are the desserts from the butterfly birthday party!

When I was 7 or 8, I had a Barbie cake for my birthday party.  I loved that cake.  (I was just a little disappointed when we pulled the doll out, and it had no legs.  Just a little pick.)  So, I thought how cute would it be to add wings for my seven year old's butterfly party.  My mom made the cake and decorated it.  She outdid herself with this one, I think.  We even added a sparkly butterfly to her updo and rhinestone earrings. 

We bought the butterfly from Ellis Pottery for the wings.  It already had wire picks on it, so we just stuck it into the cake.  Edible fowers from Michael's.  I think this cake would be perfect for a fairy party as well.

With all the fluttering going on, we needed some nectar for refreshment.  It is actually Hawaiian punch and pineapple juice in case you thought we really went out and squeezed some flowers or something crazy like that.  You can admit it.  It's OK.

We put green grapes on skewers to make caterpillars.  The kids had fun eating grapes on a stick.  Cause anything on a stick tastes better right?  I personally think there ought to be more meats on a stick.  (Not really, I just remember that line from one of my favorite movies, "There's Something About Mary.")

Just so you know, these are not really caterpillar eggs.  My mom found a bag of all white Sixlets at Party City.  How cool is that!!  I thought I was going to have to use edible pearls which no one really wants to eat.  But the kids enjoyed these.  After they watched me eat them to make sure they were chocolate for real.  Oh, and the "grass" at the bottom of the jar was edible too.  I wish I could remember where my sister Jackie found that.  It tasted like green apple communion host from church. Just sayin'.

These butterflies were seriously the best gummies I've ever had.  My sister Jena found them at Cracker Barrel.  Don't you LOVE their gift shop??  That may be where Jackie found the host grass.

Maybe it's because I am a science teacher by day, but I thought it was common knowledge that butterflies emerge from a chrysalis.  Apparently not.  I should have labeled the Bugles "cocoons." Cause everyone thought they were crystals and I can't spell.  Seriously?  If you know me, you know I can spell like the dickens.  (I don't really know what that means.  I just know my husband likes to say it for some reason.)  If you've never had Bugles, they are way more salty than a real chrysalis cocoon.

Oh, look.  A butterfly landed on the pixie stick grass.  Also from Cracker Barrel.  Have I mentioned I love their gift shop?  The teeny tiny watering can is from Michael's dollar bins.  I also love all things tiny. Wouldn't these be cute for a garden party??


  1. Best Birthday party ideas!!

  2. Communion grass came from CVS. I also saw it at Walmart around easter but their's had bunnies with the grass.


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