Monday, May 30, 2011

Butterfly Party Activities

You saw the invitations, the banner, what we ate, here is what we did at the butterfly birthday party:

I spray-painted some old frames I got from a consignment sale for almost nothing because they had no glass in them. These made a cute photo booth.  (The flower was made from napkins. We had those hanging from trees, etc.)

I set up my daughter's table outside for arts and crafts.  They are hard to see on the white table, but I found peel and stick butterflies at Michael's for guests to decorate with tissue squares.  The squares were in little flower bowls that I found at the dollar section of Target.  Quick, easy, and no glue mess.

What's a butterfly party without butterfly bubbles?  I found these at Dollar Tree.  It's amazing how long cheap bubbles will keep kids entertained.

We made a Hula Hoop Garden, which was decorated with paper napkin flowers and butterflies, but I took the picture before that.  They are hanging from garden stakes, or "shepherd's poles" if you are JoJo.  The hoops came from Dollar Tree, also.  They do not last long, but if you only need them a couple hours, they work fine.

The "goodie bag"  was a butterfly net, again, from Dollar Tree.  When guests left, we put butterfly sidewalk chalk from Target and butterfly bath fizzies from Michael's in them.  Also, clear cellophane bags filled with candy from the dessert bar.  We stuck the nets in a yellow can that I had from her first birthday, but I still see those at places like Hobby Lobby. 

My girlie picked out the color combinations for the tags and ribbons and wrote thank-you on each one.  I think they turned out super cute! 

The kids used the nets to catch butterflies from the Elefun game.  It was very windy so some of the butterflies flew into the woods.  Oh, well.  It also made all the butterflies that we stuck to the bricks fly off, so I never got a pic of that.  We stuck butterflies everywhere.  On the chairs, the poles, swings, walls, even on some rocks.  That is why I had to cut so many with my Slice machine.

You can see the birthday banner from this party here. Butterfly Barbie cake (some would call her a fairy, but not us because this was not a fairy party) here. Invitations here. And more here.

If this party inspires you, I would love to see it!

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  1. Lovely! My Four turning Five has requested a Butterfly party. You have inspired me. I especially liked the nets for the 'goodie bags'. I love doing something that breaks with the 'lolly bag'. Thank you for sharing your ideas!


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