Saturday, June 4, 2011

Goodwill Find

I was at Goodwill the other day and I spotted this from a mile away.

OK, not a mile, but far away.  It seemed to me that it could be real art.  It just had that look.  I got a little nervous thinking someone would get to it before me, but no one was the slightest bit interested. 
When I got closer I saw that it had a signature and was numbered.  All good signs, but still not positively "real" art.  The frame and mat were ok, at least worth the $15 price tag, because this is big.   And then, I turned to the back, and I saw it.  The certificate of authenticity.  This was getting better and better.  I called my hubby and asked him to look up the name Lebadang on the internet (cause I forgot my nifty cell phone that could do that sort of thing.)  He told me what he found.  That is when I yelled "SHUT UP"!!!!! really loudly and everyone turned to stare.
Evidently, Lebadang was a Vietnamese artist who studied in Toulouse, France a long time ago and was pretty famous.  Which means this puppy lithograph is worth a little something something. 
Finally, Art History class in college pays off.


  1. Score! Are you gonna tell us what it's worth when you get it appraised??? Great eye!

  2. My "research" says it is one of a series by the artist called the Circus Suite and is worth between $500-7200. I am not sure how to tell if it is a lithograph or serigraph and it seems that makes the difference. Either way, it is more than I paid for it!!


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