Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My sister Jena made this necklace to look like one from Francesca's Boutique. 

She put together this post on a cd as a birthday gift for me.  My birthday is in June.  It took me this long to figure out how to get the pictures right.   I left it pretty much as is because I thought her notes to me were sorta funny.  (I did not insert a better word.  I really could not think of one.  Which is weird.  I usually have a wealth of very specific words in my head.  To the point that I get teased.)

You will need 4 things (Jamie insert a better word) of thread and approximately 3 packs of Jump Rings.    

Unravel all of your thread together and make one very long piece.  Then double it and triple it until you get the length you prefer.  Keep in mind the extra inches each knot will take of your thread, it will shorten quite a bit from its original length you started with.  About 6-8 inches from your starting point, add your first knot and 2-3 inches of Jump Rings, followed by your closing knot.

This is what your knot should look like.  It helps to twist the thread like a candy cane around your finger to make the threads all lay nice and form a good knot.  

This is what your sections should look like. (below)  Measure your distance between each by the amount of jump rings you would like.  It’s your necklace so make it how you choose just make sure you measure the same distance for each to make it uniform.  

That’s the twisted candy cane part I was trying to explain.

When you find yourself towards the end of your necklace the last knot should be the ending knot of your Jump Rings section as well as the knot to complete the necklace.  Tie the two together in a square knot at the end of your jump rings and pull tight.  It will loosen over time so it’s ok if it bunches up the jump rings but be sure and tie the knot as tight as you possibly can cause this is the final knot to secure the necklace.

Thanks, Jena!  I wasn't giving up until I figured out how to make this work.  Vouloir c'est Pouvoir!

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