Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Party

First birthdays deserve a great party. Don't you agree?

What could be cuter than a hot air balloon theme for a party?

Custom hot air balloon invitations were made with Dear Lizzy paper and vellum. We put pictures inside of baby girl in the basket above.

I mean seriously. Miniature hot air balloon mobile? Cute!

Up, Up, and Away Banner? Super Cute!!

Custom DIY hot air balloon decor by Jordan? Super Duper Cute!!! Down to the miniature tassels hanging from the twine wrapped basket.

Monogrammed goodie bags stufffed with-what else?-hot air balloon tissue paper! Inside the treat bags were gift cards to the Cookie Company. I love that idea by Jackie.

Twinkle lights, pennant banners, hot air balloons made from paper lanterns with washi tape stripes and baker's twine string. Uber Cute!!!

I think every party should have chevron and striped paper straws. Even if nobody actually uses them. And  a cute little mini bucket to put sharpies in so guests can write their name on a cup and not waste another one when they lose it in the mix of everyone's cups of delicious punch.

Balloons to draw attention and make it obvious where the party was taking place. Did you know Dollar Tree sells balloons??

Birthday lollie with a paper straw stick. To die for!

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