Friday, December 5, 2014

Big Lots Christmas

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this post of my Big Lots haul.
I think I was most excited about the red ball garland. To me, they look like holly berries and I could think of a million places that need sprucing up with holly berries.

My tree was looking a little blah. A box of my Christmas stuff was left at my mom's and the ribbon I usually wrap around the tree was in there. But honestly, I don't think I wanted to use it this year anyway. The ribbon was purple and I want to bring in more red to coordinate better with my tree skirt and stockings.

I didn't just turn on the lights and add presents. If you look closely you can see the red, white, and green ball garland. I think it looks much better, but maybe still needs something. Just not sure what.

My front door décor got a little bit of a makeover as well. Remember these door arrangements from my Housewarming and Halloween?

I added glittery red berries that I broke off of the $2 stems from Big Lots.

More ball garland was added to the tablescape. I filled my glass apothecary jars with burlap, pinecones I picked in July while camping because I knew I would want them for something, holly leaves ripped off the berry stems from the door arrangements and red glitter balls that I pulled off of the garland.

I'm sure some of this will get changed up, but for now it works.

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